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Terms of Service

  • Commissioned art is for personal use only! (This means you can use it anywhere as long as you're not selling anything with the art on it or using it for branding on a for-profit site or social account)

  • Commercial use packages apply to one piece of artwork only, multiple packages are required for multiple works, but discounts can be negotiated!

  • Payment is accepted in USD, and through Paypal only. 

  • I will not start your commission until full payment is received!

  • Do NOT send payment before I send an invoice.​

  • I do not offer refunds.

  • Changes to the commissioned art should be brought to my attention when I send the sketch. After the sketch is approved, only minor changes can be accommodated. Large alterations (pose, expression, outfit changes, etc.) will incur additional fees depending on complexity. 

  • There is no set deadline for any commission unless specified. (normal turnaround can range from a few days to 1 month depending on workload) Rush jobs may require additional fees.

  • Please have reference images ready when you contact me. (these can be drawings, photos, or a Pinterest board, as long as you have some visual aid to describe what you'd like me to draw!) 

  • I retain the right to use your commissioned work in my own portfolio/social media accounts/etc. unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • Commissioned or existing artwork may not be used in AI under any circumstances.


  • original characters

  • anime/cartoon/fictional characters

  • real life people

  • light armor/weapons

  • pets, animals 

  • nudity/light nsfw


  • heavily detailed armor

  • mechas

  • anything else i'm not comfortable drawing, when in doubt just ask or reference my portfolio!


  • additional characters

  • detailed/scenic backgrounds

  • certain extravagant detail/objects

  • armor

  • pets/animals

  • reprinting/commercial rights

  • nsfw/alternate versions

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